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Some years ago I embarked on a GURPS Hârn conversion at the Wikidot site. It never got quite finished. Not at all, actually ;-).

The effort will continue here. The Wiki will contain most of what is of interest.

GURPS is published by Steve Jackson Games. The SJG site is also the gateway to a host of GURPS resources, including the SJG internet forums, where GURPS has a very active section.

HârnWorld and HârnMaster currently have two somewhat competing publishers (mostly on the rules front, which of course is of lesser importance for this effort – but read all about it on HârnForum): Columbia Games (the original publisher) and Kelestia Productions (the company of Hârn’s original creator, N. R. Crossby. NRC has sadly left this world for Yashain since, a victim of cancer).

The fan community surrounding HârnWorld and HârnMaster is a very active, impressive, complex and diverse “entity”. HârnForum, and the fanon publishing site Lythia.com, are great places to begin exploring the width and breadth of all things Hârnic.

Home Page

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